Joy, levity, light, air, the desire to fly, dancing and singing as overwhelming feelings at the end of a tragic experience such as war.

This is the concept with which Chaima Ait Taleb, a first-year student of the specialisation course in “Fashion Design” of the artistic vocational high school “Bruno Munari” in Castelmassa (Ro), with the work “Blow – La Danza di un soffio” (Blow – The Dance of a Breath), has won the 4th edition of the Prima Linea Competition – students section.

The jury, which met on 21 April 2018, unanimously acknowledged the value of Chaima Ait Taleb‘s project and now proposes it to all master blacksmiths who wish to take on the challenge it poses by presenting a project inspired by the description below:


Visions from the future… in a world eternally at war…

The war is over, and I want to celebrate the centenary of this important event with dancing, expressing joy, levity, light and air.

There is no weight at all, only a harmonious breath towards the blue sky.

For this work, I took inspiration from one of Degas’ many dancers, on tiptoe as if she were to take off in flight.

In moments of joy, singing and dancing are expressions that complete this wonderful feeling of well-being. The tutu is a dandelion, the weightless flower that changes shape with the slightest movement of the air, giving its unique petals to immensity and the void.

The bodice blends gracefully with the caressing transparency of the ensembles.

It is a changing flower that dances, the hope of a new life, of rebirth.

We would like to remind you that the projects of the blacksmiths and blacksmithing art masters – drawing and description – is to be received by 30 June 2018 and be conceived to be carried out by a collective of blacksmiths.

In agreement with the Municipal Administration of Vittorio Veneto, the work will be placed at the headquarters of Confartigianato Vittorio Veneto, located at No. 76 of Via Leonardo da Vinci in Vittorio Veneto.

The work must meet these requirements:

  • It must fit in a space measuring 6.00 x1.50 metres and consider the existing constraints (see plan).
  • Maximum height 4.00/5.00 m
  • It must be an urban element, a link between the two adjacent areas (a parking area and pedestrian crossing).
  • It must be an element of attraction for vehicles and pedestrians transiting in the adjacent street in both directions (Via Leonardo da Vinci).
  • It must be an element of dialogue and enhancement of the facade of the building that hosts the headquarters of Confartigianato Vittorio Veneto.
  • It is to be conceived to be made by a collective: it must be indicated where to place the name of each blacksmith participating in its realization.
  • It can be conceived both vertically and horizontally and in several parts or as a single element.

Each applicant must submit their project to the technical jury made up of blacksmiths and blacksmithing art masters participating in the project – of which they will also be part – who will choose the project to be made and be convened by 7 July 2018.

The winning blacksmith will receive a prize of €1,500 and will serve as technical coordinator for the realisation of the work by the entire group of blacksmiths. The work must be made and placed on site by 30 October 2018, in time for all the events organised for the celebration of the centenary of the end of the First World War, which will also be attended by the President of the Italian Republic: The work that will be made is to be a tribute to the City of Vittorio Veneto and to the Value of all the craftsmen who make up the main economic fabric of its territory.